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  1. Hanut

    Newbie on Mojo V3

    Thanks for the guidance!
  2. Hanut

    Newbie on Mojo V3

    Thanks for the detailed explaination! will check it all out and get back to you if i need something else! Thanks a lot!
  3. Hanut

    Newbie on Mojo V3

    I don't think that would be an issue. I just need to know how to get data over a UART for a FPGA using Verilog. I guess that is the same for all boards. right?
  4. Hanut

    Newbie on Mojo V3

    Hi, I have a mojo V3 and have to design a device that simply takes an image from the PC, using the UART connection already present on the board and displays it on a VGA monitor. My Professor needs me to do this as a test so that i can assist him on larger projects. I wanted to know exactly how to send RAW data from my PC to the board where i can save it in registers. I have not done anything like this before so lots of details might help! Thanks a lot!