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  1. Hi,


    Just tried to make a NEW zpuino circuit with an empty user Designlab folder (Windows 8.1). While editing the cicrcuit with Xilinx ISE the opened shematic is good with the basic Zpuino and DUO pinout.


    Adding a new symbol don't bring any library PS2 wishbone to select ... Am I missing something ?






    PS : loading to FPGA looks also broken for all examples .....

  2. Hey guys,


    So I just got a chance to test this out and everything is working good for me. I did have a spot of trouble because I was plugging the keyboard into PS/2 connector B. But when I looked at the picture and connected to PS/2 A it was working correctly for me.


    I'm able to hit shift F10 and load the software archive. I even loaded Galaxian and had some fun blasting alien bugs. :) Although on my U.S. keyboard the * key was in a weird location and playing galaxian was difficult because ctl was left and the up arrow was right and alt was fire. It was backwards and hard to play that way, but still fun. :)


    So where do we stand? We are having one SD card issue is that it?




    As said, no issue on my side :)  (Oh well ... there is the french keyboard layout :P



  3. Pascal,


    I agree with you that pullups should be present on the PS/2 signals, so I've added them into the UCF file and rebuilt the bitstream.


    This is now pushed to github.


    Let me know if this makes any difference.



    It would have been too easy :P ... No changes!


    I have now a Windows project (just re-adding files like you said) wich generates a .bit file!

    Alas, it regress giving me only "ACORN ATOM" then hangs with leds 1&2 lighted.


    Thanks for the help.

  4. Pascal,


    I assume you are using Windows?


    Have you tried a different keyboard?


    The .xise file was created on Linux, so if you are trying to build it on Windows the Xilinx tools might be interpreting the path separator character incorrectly. 


    You should just be able to re-add all the sources. Or you could try to fix up the .xise file manually.


    Does anyone know if .xise files are portable between Linux and Windows?


    The manual for the Acorn Atom can be downloaded from here:




    Thanks for the link I'll look the contents :) Unfortunately I have this only keyboard (It works on another hardware though). I will re-add the sources ........

  5. Dave,


    Hi again,


    I'm trying to have my PS/2 keyboard working !  I would like some details for ISE generation (If I just open the duo xise and generate I get Atomic_core.vhd not found. Do you have a default project location? Any doc would be appreciated as for the emulator itself - what is the boot sequence , what are the minimum commands, steps to check .......... Well you know :P !)


    Best regards




    PS : As a first try I wish to pullup the ps/2 pins .....


    It would be great if one or two more people can try out this design, and see if the problems that Goos is having can be replicated.






    I'm trying this and get an  "ACORN ATOM + ATOMMC2" line then a prompt line ">" .

    Keyboard is not doing anything (Numlock not active also ==> no led flash).

    At power on/reset leds 1&2 lights then 3& 4 are steady dimm lighted.





  7. SevenSegHW.cpp  (in Designlab version 1.0.1 at least  ) has to be corrected as :


    static unsigned char table7seg[16] =


        0x3F, //0011 1111, 0

        0x06, //0000 0110, 1

        0x5B, //0101 1011  2

        0x4F, //0100 1111  3

        0x66, //0110 0110  4

        0x6D, //0110 1101  5

        0x7D, //0111 1101  6

        0x07, //0000 0111  7

        0x7F, //0111 1111  8

        0x6F, //0110 1111  9

        0x77, //0111 0111  A

        0x7C, //0110 1110  B

        0x39, //0011 1001  C

        0x5E, //0101 1110  D  <============== !!!

        0x79, //0111 1001  E

        0x71  //0111 0001  F




  8. Then it's playing time!


    Here are my notes/questions :


    a) Any better Papilio DUO pdf (not everything on one sheet, its useless !) ??


    B) As far I understand well the power jumper is either for AVR only OR BOTH AVR & FPGA  ?  Later case switch 1 hold AVR reset or not.


    c) Trying to use QuickStart tutorial/sketch I get a board mismatch (see attached shot). Is there an explanation and pass thru ?


    Thanks for attention and great work.


     PS : I apologize for any bad english I can use.