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  1. Bigsoftier

    A couple of questions

    Yay! I have quickly ordered the 'RetroCade MegaWing Bundle'. Thank you Jack and also the other helpful forum members on this thread. Have a good Christmas guys! Ian
  2. Bigsoftier

    A couple of questions

    No problem Jack. Pity, it was lined up as a Christmas present for myself. Looks like I'll have to buy it now!
  3. Bigsoftier

    A couple of questions

    Thanks for the answers guys, it sounds like I have an approach angle. My biggest worry now is the Christmas post! Argh, out of stock, I'll have to hang back.
  4. Bigsoftier

    A couple of questions

    Hi, Not being an FPGA programmer and even, to my external shame, being a total nooby when it comes to electronics in general, my main interest is using RetroCade Synth as a authentic sounding source for chip tunes. With that in mind I would be eternally grateful if you could answer these few questions... Apart from using the VSTI/Midi interface, what other methods are there for accessing the various features of the emulated chips? For example, do any trackers access the board directly? Is there the possibility of adding USB midi to the board in someway? I am familiar with C using Windows mainly, what would be my best option to access the various ports of the sound chips from my PC? Many thanks for answering, Ian