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  1. RicoC

    getting started

    ...and it works! Awesome. Should have persevered before bugging you but thanks again for the swift support. R.
  2. RicoC

    getting started

    OK I found it! Proceeding to run...
  3. RicoC

    getting started

    Thanks for the reply Jack... I was trying to follow the guide but couldn't find the Upgrade Firmware file, it isn't in my Start menu or the Gadget Factory folder... Rico
  4. RicoC

    getting started

    Just got my RetroCade Synth and having some problems getting going. When I plug in the USB the LCD is blank for a few seconds, then a row of blocks flashes on the lower half of the screen. The audio outputs a clicking sound. There wasn't an upgrade fimware file in the installer but I don't see any recent upgrades so I'm assuming I have the latest. Bit of a newbie here so apologies if I'm missing something obvious.