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  1. Perfect ... Brian! I looked at arduino site and I understand how it works but may I add this code to IDE ? Or is it implemented from start. I ordered this week Retrocade with Papilio Pro ... I ve got at home 2xC64 I think about demontage SID chip and use it in real application to wider sound posibilities. What do you think about this type of use ? And I may use case for Retrocade ... Maybe I am little fool but I think about Retrocade as main controller for analog gear I think about adding output CV to control Series 500 DIY modules or connect own pieces MOOG VCO,FILTERS clone etc .... from old services manuals what I find on internet. Am I nuts ? Nice weekend Mila
  2. Brian, But I´m realy only musician and basic technician ... I have many thoghts about using this gear ... not development ... I know if I use some ribbon wire with connector on PCB side on other side I use some knobs but need circuits how it connect to terminal ( if use some resistor to change impedance etc ) If you advice me I´ll happy Thanks
  3. Hi Jack .. Im too from musician backround ... I plan use blind for 19" rack 1HU or 2HU and complete with knobs and insert LCD panel into hole. Are you able advice type of knobs to control of filters and parameters ... ? Can you attach some circuit for fitting with this knobs ? Thank Mila NeNo
  4. neno

    VST Plugin

    I will use by my Novation Impulse Controller ... Mila
  5. I hope some guys are able make CV out for connect analog board some prototype of Moog clone ? Or connect analog board .... so what ?
  6. neno

    VST Plugin

    All parameter is possible control throught MIDI CCs ? Or you may able make RE extension for Reason ... M.
  7. neno

    VST Plugin

    Dear Jack ... is it some posibility you make VST plugin for Mac ? Thanks Milan