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  1. whitewolf

    Adding an UART to AVR8

    I dont understand which register address and where i can find the free memory space that the user code examples use. I will wait for your example. Thank you. .
  2. whitewolf

    Adding an UART to AVR8

    I watched the video, where should i instantiate it ? top level ? uart_Inst:component uart port map( -- AVR Control ireset => core_ireset, cp2 => core_cp2, adr => core_adr, dbus_in => core_dbusout, dbus_out => uart_dbusout, iore => core_iore, iowe => core_iowe, out_en => uart_out_en, -- UART rxd => rxd, rx_en => open, txd => txd, tx_en => open, -- IRQ txcirq => core_irqlines(19), txc_irqack => ind_irq_ack(19), udreirq => core_irqlines(18), rxcirq => core_irqlines(17) ); -- UART connection to the external multiplexer io_port_out(2) <= uart_dbusout; io_port_out_en(2) <= uart_out_en; making another copy of this uart "uart2" will work ? Or should I write another uart in papilio_core_template? Thank you.
  3. whitewolf

    Adding an UART to AVR8

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone made another uart in avr8 papilio 250k to be used with external peripherals. I tried to edit the vhd files. But its difficult since I'm new to VHDL. I have some experience with Verilog. since Can you give me a VHDL or Verilog example. Thank you.