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  1. Hey F6EFQ :)


    Nice tutorial I really like it. Its hard to find good VHDL and FPGA tutos in french but this one looks really good.


    BTW you are not the only french Papilio user here we have other great users from france look at this project on our blog it was made by a french guy and its actually a pretty good project:.


    Me too I'm a french speaker alor bienvenu chez nous mon ami amuse toi bien en consultant notre forum et notre blog.




  2. Very nice project Thomas I watched the demo video here afetr downloading it and it looks really awesome :) and I was really impressed with the sound here

    for everyone who wants to see it, the download page is in french so please click on the link that I put in a red rectangle here :


    and the translation of what he said at the end of the video is: " there are still some minor problems"

  3. I have seen that the retailers do not have stock of this board for the last few times I have tried to order. I also see a few new projects which look like they cover the same capabilities. Will the Logicstart or the pro then be the boards to wait for if I am looking for the arcade megawing/papilio?

    if you still interested the arcade megawing is now back in stock at seeed studio :)