ZAP (ZPUino Arduino Papilio) IDE 2.3.0

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About This File

ZAP IDE has been replaced by the easier to use DesignLab IDE which integrates schematic based circuits with Arduino style code. Please download the latest DesignLab IDE files for the latest Papilio software.

ZAP (ZPUino Arduino Papilio) IDE is specially designed to get you up and running quickly with Soft Processors on the Papilio FPGA boards.

It has everything needed to start running sketches on the AVR8 and ZPUino Soft Processors in a single download.

Based on the Arduino IDE (1.5.2) and specially modified for Soft Processor based System on Chip designs.


  • ZPUino Soft Processor
    • Version 1.0
    • Version 2.0 (experimental)

    [*]AVR8 Soft Processor

More Info:


Once you go to the download section you will see different files to download, the files marked with expert do not include a java jre and are a little smaller to download. If you already have a compatible jre you can try downloading the expert version, but for a hassle free experience we recommend downloading the larger version that has everything included.

What's New in Version 2.0.7   See changelog


  • ZAP 2.0.7 BETA - 2013.11.26
  • [zpuino]
  • * Updated audio libraries to allow specifying the wishbone slot. This is for Papilio Schematic Library.
  • * Removed ZPU 2.0, it was confusing people.
  • ZAP 2.0.6 BETA - 2013.10.16
  • [zpuino]
  • * Added all RetroCade libraries, YM2149, SID, YM2149 Player, SID Player, Modplayer

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