Arduino IDE for pcDuino 1.5.2-1.0

About This File

This is the first test release of the Arduino IDE with a plugin to work with the pcDuino.

This includes both Arduino IDE 1.5.2 and pcDuino plugin 1.0.


  • Unzip the archive to your pcDuino - recommend using a file system on a sd card.
  • run arduino executable as the ubuntu user
  • change the board type to pcDuino
  • look for pcDuino examples
  • select the "Upload" icon - program will compile and should start a new window running the program.


All generated executables are saved in your sketch directory (/home/ubuntu/sketchbook) as {sketchname}.cpp. Even though it has a cpp extension it is an executable that you can run. Pressing the "compile" icon will update the executable in the sketch directory without running it.

What's New in Version 1.5.2-1.0   See changelog


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