RetroCade Synth Bit File - Papilio Pro LX9 1.3

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About This File

This bit file loads the ZPUino Soft Processor to the Papilio Pro board. Use the Papilio Loader to flash it to the SPI Flash chip on the Papilio Pro board.

9/26/2013 Version 1.1

-Added SID Analog Filters!!!!!!!! Thanks to Alvie for writing the VHDL code.

-Added SidPlayer library to process SID files from smallFS and SD Cards. Thanks to Alvie for porting to the ZPUino.

1/9/2013 Version 1.02

-NoteOff fix from Lee O'D

11/23/2012 Version 1.01

-RetroCade Sketch

-YM Player Volume Control

11/23/2012 Version 1.0

-RetroCade Sketch

-SID Volume CC added.

-Crawling Space Invaders added to the Welcome LCD screen.

-Added ability to browse and play YMD and MOD files from the LCD screen.

-Ring Mod and Sync CC's added.

-Added YM2149 Noise Frequency.

-SID V1 Instrument select from LCD.

-SID Pitch Control

-HiHat and Kick split keyboard from mod files on MIDI channel 7

11/1/2012 Version .3

-FlowStone Dashboard

-Changed from SynthMaker to FlowStone

-Added the ability to control the RetroCade without a MIDI output, can control over a Com Port instead.

-Generated an EXE version of the Dashboard. VST will be generated when FlowStone 3.0 is released in November.

-Zoom Controls added to Dashboard

-Pressing Up Arrow toggles full screen.

-While in full screen pressing Left Arrow fills the screen.

-Pressing Down Arrow returns to normal size.

-RetroCade Sketch

-Control the RetroCade from a COM port or MIDI In

-Play YMdat and Mod files from SD card or SmallFS filesystem.

-Place a file name track[1-3].mod or track[1-3].ymd onto the SD card to override the files found in smallFS. Must power cycle the board for the files to be found.

-YM files must be converted to ymd files using the process and tools detailed here: (http://audio.gadgetf...ain.YM2149Flash)

-Mod files play out of RamFS filesystem which is located entirely in the 8MB SDRAM.

-Merged RetroCade Bit File: Shortcut to load RetroCade-.01d-zpuino-1.0-PapilioPro-S6LX9-RetroCade-1.04.bit with the Papilio Loader

-Changes from RetroCade Sketch are merged into this bit file.

-Smallfs version of MOD and YM files are merged into this bit file.

10/8/2012 Version .2

-SynthMaker Dashboard

-Added Midi In and Midi Out Selectors to the front panel.

-Added SID Volume

-Fixed CC#'s for all Presets

-Renamed Presets from Hoppa to User

9/26/2012 Version .1

-ZPUino IDE: Shortcut to open RetroCade Sketch with the ZPUino IDE.

-Merged RetroCade Bit File: Shortcut to load RetroCade-.01b-zpuino-1.0-PapilioPro-S6LX9-RetroCade-1.04.bit with the Papilio Loader

-MOD files, YM2149, SID chips play on both left and right channel now.

-Code runs from SDRAM providing 8MB of code space!

-RetroCade Sketch is merged into this bit file.

-Smallfs version of MOD and YM files are merged into this bit file.

-Papilio Loader

-SynthMaker Dashboard: The dashboard requires that Synthmaker be installed. MIDI selections are not moved to the main page yet.

What's New in Version 1.01   See changelog


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