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Load bitstreams generated by Xilinx ISE to the Papilio One with a Java GUI or scripts.

If you need more informations about the Papilio Loader including requirements, installation and much more check the Papilio Uploader wiki page here.

Version 2.7+ includes signed drivers for Windows 8.

There are now installers for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

What's New in Version 2.8   See changelog


  • 4/1/2015 Version 2.8
  • Papilio GUI
  • -Fix for SPI Flash not programming correctly in simple mode.
  • -Change the Operations buttons to check boxes.
  • 2/24/2015 Version 2.7
  • Papilio GUI
  • -Add Board Name field so you can manually specify the board name.
  • -Added Papilio Pro, Papilio One, and Papilio DUO to Target Board dropdown.
  • -Removed .bmm and .hex fields from simple mode.
  • -Updated Icon
  • -Drivers are signed for easy install in Windows 8
  • papilio-prog
  • -Support for the Papilio DUO VID/PID
  • 1/2/2014 Version 2.6
  • Papilio GUI
  • -Changed the default behavior to write to SPI flash.
  • -Fixed problem with not doing an erase, verify, program, verify cycle.
  • -Removed old board types.
  • 10/23/2013
  • Now with Mac OS X installer!
  • 9/13/2013 Version 2.5
  • Fixed error with Java-GUI not detecting line endings in JTextBox. Everything compiles and works on Windows and Linux now.
  • Added Linux installer script.
  • 1/4/2012 Version 2.4
  • Fixes from MagnusK
  • * New cmd-line option (-d) that allows you to specify the FTDI device. This was asked for in this forum.
  • * Spartan-6 LX4 - LX45 parts are added to the built-in device list
  • * The fpga wait-code is put back
  • * The code now supports many more flash parts
  • * The number of pages in the Macronix part is corrected (32768, not 250000)
  • * Misc corrections here and there in the code
  • * The erase-before-programming is now handled by a new routine (Spi_PartialErase) that tries to be smarter about the erase.

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I can't get it work on OSX 10.8.5, it installs but I get the following error.


Could not access USB device 0403:6010. If this is linux then use sudo.
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for 64bit Linux:

don't bother running install.sh yet, first cd into "papilio-prog" directory and run these:






now you can run the linux-installer.sh in the top level directory of the Papilio Loader.


you can verify your compile worked when in the papilio-prog directory by typing ./papilio-prog and you should see this output on the command line:

No or ambiguous options specified.
Usage:./papilio-prog [-v] [-j] [-f <bitfile>] [-b <bitfile>] [-s e|v|p|a] [-c] [-C] [-r] [-A <addr>:<binfile>]
   -h                   print this help
   -v                   verbose output
   -j                   Detect JTAG chain, nothing else
   -d                   FTDI device name
   -f <bitfile>         Main bit file
   -b <bitfile>         bscan_spi bit file (enables spi access via JTAG)
   -s [e|v|p|a]         SPI Flash options: e=Erase Only, v=Verify Only,
                        p=Program Only or a=ALL (Default)
   -c                   Display current status of FPGA
   -C                   Display STAT Register of FPGA
   -r                   Trigger a reconfiguration of FPGA
   -a <addr>:<binfile>  Append binary file at addr (in hex)
   -A <addr>:<binfile>  Append binary file at addr, bit reversed
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I just try to find the Linux Download. When pressing Download button I get three files to select. Tried the zip. It contains a papilio loader that I can start with Linux. But it did not connect to the board.

It is not in sync with the how-to: http://blog.gadgetfactory.net/2013/09/howto-papilio-loader-gui-on-linux/

There is no linux installer, sript in the download and also not any makefile in the papilio-prog directory.

The fdti kernel drivers are loading, I can access the serial port of the board with a terminal program. 




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How do I get the GUI for my Papilio Duo?  When I click on the download links I get a weird error page that tells the Webmaster to contact Rackspace

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For anyone who just wants the command line tool for linux x64, you can grab it here.  To use it:

1. Extract to somewhere

2. Either add that somewhere to your path or create symlink in your path

Run papilio-prog as usual.

Also, I've made a small improvement.  To burn to SPI instead of having to specify -b and the name of the appropriate bscan_spi_*.bit file, you can just specify "-b auto" and it'll work it out using the same approach as the GUI tool.


papilio-prog -f yourbitfile.bit -b auto -sa -r -v


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