Papilio Bit Files

Bit files for Papilio FPGA boards

2 files

  1. ZPUino for LogicStart MegaWing - Papilio One 500K

    This bit file loads the ZPUino soft processor with 160x120x8 VGA Output to the Papilio One 500K board and connects the VGA output to the LogicStart MegaWing. This ZPUino variant is derived from the "Hyperion" (God of Light) variant.

    VGA library reference is here.
    Source code for the LogicStart variant.
    Get Started with the ZPUino.




  2. Quick Start for LogicStart MegaWing - ZPUino - Papilio One 500K

    See the Article for more information.
    A ZPUino Sketch to verify all of the LogicStart MegaWing functionality. Alvaro Lopes put together a quick sketch to test out all the major functionality of the Logic Start MegaWing.
    Switches control LED's
    A mod file is played out the audio jack
    An arcade graphic is displayed on the VGA output using the VGAZX video adapter
    Joystick controls counters on the 7-segment LED
    Analog is measured and displayed on the 7-segment LED

    Known Issues:
    The Analog input is not working on properly on all channels.
    This only works on the Papilio One 500K right now, we have not generated a bit file to work on the Papilio One 250K yet.