ZPUino 1.0 version release

  • The ZPUino is a 32 bit processor running at 100Mhz with an integrated VGA display adapter and YM2149 sound processor. Everything is controlled by a sketch and an easy to use VGA library from the Arduino IDE.

Check out some of the exciting new features:

  • Famous audio chips such as the Commodore 64 SID, Atari ST YM2149, and Atari 800 Pokey are built in and ready to use in your sketches. No GPIO’s are wasted or soldering required!
  • A new small VGA mode that is modeled after the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. This versatile but compact VGA core fits, along with the ZPUino to control it, in the Papilio 250K and 500K boards!
  • SmallFs filesystem allows resources such as images our audio files to be placed in a directory with your sketch and automatically becomes available for use by your sketch.
  • Upload to RAM allows sketches and smallfs resources to be loaded directly to internal BRAM or the external SRAM of the upcoming Papilio Plus board.

If you still looking For more ZPUino information and documentation check out this page.

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