Small AVR project

  • Small AVR (ATmega8 sized) for Papilio One FPGA Board

    A small AVR instruction set compatible core with 8K program space, 1K RAM, a fixed speed uart (currently 115Kbps) and a 1ms resolution 32bit timer.

Provided sw_app directory includes base C project + makefile which includes a serial I/O driver, printf/sprintf/vprintf library & timer driver.

Typing 'go' in sw_app will build the source code and update prog_mem_content.vhd with new program memory contents (then just rebuild in ISE).

Source: - AVR MCU (cut down) -,cpu_lecture - GPL - Fixed speed UART - Opencores - GPL

Tools Used - WinAVR 20100110 or newer - Xilinx 13.1 webpack

Source Code:

Download Source Code
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