Using just the switches and LEDs on the LogicStart.

  • Sometimes your design may just need a few switches and LEDs, and you also need to connect I/O connections to the rest of your project. You can plug the lower 'Wing C' connector into the Wing B socket, and have the 16 I/O pins of Wing C free for connecting to external projects.

Other tricks you can do are:

  • Spin the Wings A+B connector block around 180 degrees, and you should have access to everything but the LEDs and slide switches, plus 16 pins of I/O.
  • Plug the WIng B pins into the WingC socket and have VGA, Joystick, audio and 32 pins of I/O.

Of course you have to update your UCF files. Here is my updated UCF file for using the Switches and LEDs - Please note I number my LEDs wth LED0 on the right and LED7 on the left - the opposite way to the silk screening!

# LogicStart Megawing with Wing C only plugged into the Wing B socket

NET switches(7) LOC = "P85" ;

NET switches(6) LOC = "P83" ;

NET switches(5) LOC = "P78" ;

NET switches(4) LOC = "P71" ;

NET switches(3) LOC = "P68" ;

NET switches(2) LOC = "P66" ;

NET switches(1) LOC = "P63" ;

NET switches(0) LOC = "P61" ;

NET LEDs(7) LOC = "P58" ;

NET LEDs(6) LOC = "P54" ;

NET LEDs(5) LOC = "P41" ;

NET LEDs(4) LOC = "P36" ;

NET LEDs(3) LOC = "P34" ;

NET LEDs(2) LOC = "P32" ;

NET LEDs(1) LOC = "P25" ;

NET LEDs(0) LOC = "P22" ;

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