Music box...

  • Hamster put together this nice synth project for the LogicStart MegaWing!

I've finally got my 'Synth' project to the point that it can act as an OK sounding music box:


It plays Brahms Lullaby in monophonic glory! One pair of switches changes between a Sine wave and a richer waveform I made in a spreadsheet. Other pairs control the envelope (Attack, decay and release rates). I'm thinking of using the ADC on the LogicStart to give me analogue control inputs...

It only 'does stuff' one clock cycle in 666 of the 32MHz clock, so there is plenty of scope to move to direct digital synthesis or massive polyphony.

Buried on the related pages are the C utilities to convert arrays to either 9 or 18 bit BRAM VHDL instances...

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