ROMVault-PapilioEdition (08 Mar 2015 build)

  • .NET Papilio Arcade Alternative

Papilio Pro and Papilio One (500k) with the Arcade MegaWing are supported.

Papilio DUO is detected but there are no base hardware bitfiles to merge into (yet)

Source code will be released after I am completely done.

The project runs on Windows .NET framework 3.5 but should run on MONO with a little love

(untested as I don't have a MONO setup to work with, but will probably require some minor tweaks)

Project is based on RomVault by GJeffereyes and is available at and was used with permission.

2600 data is based on work from Rom Hunter's v10 Atari 2600 collection.

Arcade data is based off of MAME compatible files

Galaxian Test ROM (just a hardware test ROM) is from


  • Unzip archive (preferrably to somewhere like c:\RV-PE\ but i run from my desktop)
  • Place ROM files in the unsorted folder
  • Click the update button on the top right
  • -- ROM files will be sorted and identified (if supported)
  • Click on a game then load (or double click on a game) to load it to the FPGA


  • 1 Pixel offset in pacman based games (bitfile issue not UI issue)
  • some 2600 games play better on the pOne (500k) than on the pPro
  • ? you tell me ?

Download Source Code
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