Homebrew for pacman

  • after chatting with Jack, I decided I would try and make a homebrew game for the pacman machine. Short of ideas, I went for tetris...

    it's not quite polished yet, or even finished (no score, no 2 player-game, no title screen, no animation and sound for the exploding lines, no fancy graphics), but this gives a pretty good idea of what you can do : it even includes music ! (the Bach tune from the game boy version)

to get it to work (on linux, sorry for the windowers...) :

- unzip the archive, it the source project,

- install srecord and z88dk (on ubuntu, the stock packages works fine)

- type "make rom.o" => you get the binary for the code, you can put it in place of the original code rom in your pacman papilio bit file (use the same roms for graphics and sound).

to try it with mame :

- grab your favorite mame roms for "puckman" (google is your friend there)

- unzip it into the puckman directory (actually, you do not need the namcoxxx roms, as they will be overwritten)

- install mame, of course,

- the 'from source' debug version of mame I use reads the provided mame.ini file and runs fine from the "tetris" dir, but if your mame complains, you'll want to add a pointer to the project directory in the right config file

- patch the paths in the makefile,

- type "make" and enjoy

note 1 : controls are obvious except for the "rotate" command, which is mapped on "up" (no button on pacman...)

note 2 : the C code should be readable, although I have not spent hours commenting it. You can have a look at the crt0.asm file if you are curious : it's very crude, only what is needed for zd88dk to work is included.

To have a complete devkit for the pacman machine, we will need a graphics/palette editor... the sprite format is quite straightforward, so it should be easy to at least make a bmp=>rom converter


Source code is in the attachments

View attachment: tetris.zip

Download Source Code
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