FPGA Games: Frogger

  • Frogger was a product of the popularization of "cute" games throughout 1981 that moved away from alien and explosion themes. In the game, you must direct a frog through traffic, and across a crowded river, and in to one of five enclosures at the top of the screen. Frogger isn't credited with many innovations, but it did break ground in continuous background music that changed contextually based on the action in the game.


Quick Links:

Game Play


  • Joystick: Use to direct the frog throughout the screen. Unlike many games, the joystick must be returned to the neutral position before being moved again to make the frog continue in the direction you wish for him to go.
  • 1 or 2 Players: Push these buttons to begin a one or two player game.
  • Detailed Game Play and Characters Guide

Hardware Specifications

  • CPU:
    • Z80 at 3.072 MHz
    • Z80 at 1.78975 MHz

    [*]Sound – AY-3-8910A at 1.789750 MHz


    • Resolution – 768 x 224
    • Orientation – Vertical
    • Refresh Rate – 60.61 Hz

Source Code: Github

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