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Sorry, not really the right place to ask.

I haven't visited the forum for some time, and I see that there are quite a few spam postings, which I'm surprised haven't been deleted.

So I checked twitter and see that there hasn't been a @gadgetfactory tweet since Feb 2017.

So just wondering is Jack OK?

I'm a big fan of the Papilio FPGA boards as this was my first FPGA dev board purchase, and I have had much fun and learnt quite a lot since then, despite having lots of problems when I initially tried to get my Papilio One to do something :-). All sorted now!

I was kind of hoping that there might be some new Papilio boards using newer FPGAs, but I guess this is now very unlikely :-(.



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Nice to see that all the spam postings have been removed/cleaned up.

My question is the same, where is Jack Gassett?

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