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I am trying to update my Open Bench Logic Sniffer (v1.04) but keep getting an error indicating the flash could not be erased. Prior to the error I placed a jumper between PGC and PGD on the ICSP header and reset the board. Both ACT and PWR led's are on. Any assistance appreciated.


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I won't be much help, other to report I have repeated the problem with my v1.04 OBLS.   

Note, I did not place a jumper because the instruction appeared to suggest that was not necessary if both ACT and PWR led were on.

However, I got the same errors.

My Logic Sniffer ROM loader is v0.3 (November 9, 2010) as opposed to your Logic Sniffer ROM loader v0.4 (December 9, 2010).




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i've found several different utilities to manage the PIC firmware and the FPGA firmware for these devices. information is scattered about unfortunately.

i've compiled a binary in the past using source provided by a github repo, and that can access the `APP` portion the board, which i believe is the FPGA portion, and can dump the contents in either HEX or bin, but have been unable to dump / backup the contents on the winbond chip using such provided utility.

however my OBLS provided a means to solder a jumper header for SPI connection that allows me to connect jumper wires, thus i was able to use flashrom in conjunction with a bus pirate i have to dump the current contents of the winbond chip on the OBLS, i did not have to provide any power to the OBLS as the bus pirate can supply 3.3V to power the winbond chip to access its contents. i haven't tried to update or erase the contents of the chip using flashrom with a bus pirate, as i still need to figure out what versions i want to run and i'm still trying to gather all the necessary information for this device.


i hope some of this helps.

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