Trying to reactivate my Papilio Duo, where's the current documentation?

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my Papilio Duo has been put to rest for some years now, but now I want to reactivate it as a logic analyzer.

But I forgot almost everything about how to use the Papilio Duo, and I can't find the current documentation.

When I click on the "Learn" link at the top of the page, I only see an empty directory displayed by Apache.

I've installed DesignLab 1.0.8 on Windows 10, and I can start the logic analyzer GUI from DesignLab, but the Papilio Duo does not show up as a serial port on the system.

Where can I find the steps to get the Papilio Duo running again with my Windows 10 system?



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Ok, I found an old version of the "Learn" content in the Wayback Archive, maybe it helps others as well:

From there I found a video that helped me to reinstall the USB drivers in Windows 10:

And now I am able to use the Papilio Duo as a logic analyzer again.


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