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Deep cycle marine battery question

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I'm a first time viewer and poster today, googled the subreddit for some help. Yesterday I was out on my 11ft aluminum boat fishing, when I went to load the boat back into my truck I took the battery out of the boat and put it in the truck bed to makeĀ Deep Cycle Battery for Boat the back end of the boat lighter, loaded up and drove off. Didn't notice that I lost my battery until about 20 minutes later when I got home to charge it up. Drove back another 20 minutes to the lake looking for it on the highway only to find it submerged underwater at the boat launch. The battery is a 27 series deep cycle, I'm sure it's a vented but sealed battery, the positive terminal had coloured the water around it by the time I got back. I charged it overnight and my charger says its at full charge, should I be worried about anything?

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