7 segment always "on" (logic start megawing)

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Hi all,

I have 2 question about 7 segments on Logic start Megawing:

First: some segments are always "on", even if I do not use them (not always the same).

I suppose that the FPGA pins are in some "random" state and that this could give some lighted segments. Also to light the segments, the anodes must be in a "high" state.

I could switch them off in the code, but this is not a very elegant solution. Is it possible (for instance in the UCF file) to declare these pins as logical zero, or to say that the anodes (AN0...AN3) are to ground, so as to block the +3.3V supply?


Second: in the schematics, the decimal points are  on the bus and appear on the pins. But the colon and Apos are on the bus but do not appear on pins. Is there a possibility to light them?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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