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Ricky Yuu

Could not load into board for both xilinx and zap

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As the link of the video below, i have followed each steps as on the final steps on loading the ZAP i could not upload it, as first what is the board it is used as there's variety of papilio one 500k ( how can i differentiate it?) and the port of the COM of the ZAP IDE does not show up.  i could not upload into the board has been installed and un-installed papilio loader and ZAP IDE. I could not find the solution and been running this for two weeks. I am using papilo one 500k. Currently my papilio loader could not open.

Could you please pointed out my mistakes in this case, such as if i don't download any necessary software beside Xilinx ISE, ZAP IDE and papilio loader. I am current;y using window 7 for this project.


thank you very much.


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Its okay I have found the solution, the USB itself holds an important role. Now, I want to test out where to upload for the ZAP IDE. 

I will update the progress here.

Thank you.

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