Designlab win10 open/save problem

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Hi all!

i started with a papilio pro a couple of years ago (2016) and everything worked fine. doing other things in the meantime,  i again (2018) decided to dive into it with a specific project.

i downloaded the latest designlab 1.0.8 and papilio downloader 2.8, again everything worked fine until a week after installation !!

suddenly i cant open or save a file anymore, when i try designlab close down immidiately, also papilio loader does not start (no error messages)

The thing is, i can start designlab and open a projectfile via filemeny>sketchbook>"existing file" and edit it ,download to papilio pro and everything works.(the file will be saved when i exit designlab)

but as soon as i try 'open' or 'save as'  designlab closes without saving ('save' seems to work) and neither compile or download buttons saves the file.

(i am running all programs as admin)

greatful for any tip

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