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Simple connections of the output Pin "D12" with clk

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I have simple problem with the output of signal in the schematic of Xilinx.

I've started Xilinx from the simple default Blink file and wand to connect the clk_96Mhz from the ZPUino Soft Processor to D12 of the Pinout.

Everything I tried is going to be an error. Can someone explain me how to do this; ore have a good “tutorial” which is using the Papilio.

I want to do this in the schematics to understand how to do this.

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If you try to connect the 96Mhz clock to an external pin you are not going to see anything on a LED attached to that pin, it is going to be too fast. You want to slow down the clock to something you can see.

Please take a look under the symbols area for the Building_Blocks there are pre-made tools to help connect to a 32Mhz clock (which is the default clock for Papilio) and slow the clock down. You can do something like this:


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but what if I just want to output a square higher than 32 MHz? I don't want to see a LED blinking, just monitoring on an oscilloscope.

In the symbols area "Clocks" is for example a symbol that generates a clock with 960 MHz.

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