Anyone has the schematic giving the info to get a replacement please?

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Hi forum,

First time posting here, :lol:

I have a dv6120us, motherboard part number 434723-001.

A little while ago, the fan on my laptop started malfunctioning, it wouldn't turn on at all. Neither would the computer shut down from overheating.

After taking the motherboard out, I discovered a blown transistor. I know how to change this, but I do not have the motherboard schematic with the information on this particular transistor PQ51( Have a further understanding of transistor and its functions and characteristics=>

Does anyone have the schematic that can give me the info I need to get the replacement? I would hate to replace the entire motherboard for a simple fix like this...



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Can you read the part number from the transistor? If so then type it into and go from there...


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