Playing .wav files with Papilio Pro

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I want to use uncompressed .wav files to add sounds to my game.  There aren't any audio examples in Designlab besides the Modplayer, SID, and YM2149. All of which sound like they are hard to convert .wav format to. I'm using the Modplayer now, but want to use the .wav sounds I have.

 What is the best and/or easiest way to achieve this hardware wise?? I'll load the wavfiles from my microSD-wing like the .mod files. It's a retro-style game so high-quality sound isnt important. I'm thinking uncompressed 8-bit, 8khz .wav audio would be ok, then I wouldnt need a codec, and probably easier to clock than 44.1khz or 22.050khz. Can I use the Audio Passthrough to the AUDIO_zpuino_sa_audiomixer and reclock it, or use delta-sigma dac  and reclock? Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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