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data_valid pattern?

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I am starting on my first real project and trying to find a good example of signaling. Many examples I see create a component that does something similar to what is listed bellow

in clk
in data[8]
in data_valid
  process (clk)
    state machine
      when idle =>
        if data_valid
          change state to blabla
      when blabla =>
        do stuff

Basically a "data_valid" or similar is used to start the process. I am wondering how it normally is prevented that the state machine is not run multiple times(if the signal does not change)




It there a way to enforce the "data_valid" signal to be low before we start the next iteration or is this somehow not necessary and I am missing something ?


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FPGA Prototyping by VHDL Examples: Xilinx Spartan-3 Version (chaper 7.2.4) talks about Interface circuits and using one of the following methods

  • A flag FF (Flip Flop)
  • A flag FF and a one word buffer
  • A Fifo buffer

To solve this problem

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