How do I convert a Pro project to DUO?

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WARNING: Newbie here! :)

I'm trying to run this Pro project (gadgetfactory.net/learn/2015/05/03/designlab-make-a-simple-fpga-circuit-2/) on a DUO.

I've changed the I/O markers to use ARDUINO_0 and ARDUINO_1.  Probably not the best choice but I'm just trying something past the 'Generate Programming File' stage.

No matter what I try the result is always 'Process "Synthesize - XST" failed'.

Any idea?  If more information is needed, just ask :)



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Hello Robin, 

We would need more of the error message that you are seeing. You might need to scroll up and look through the log files until you see what is going wrong.

You can also attach you project here and I can take a look at it.


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