Hello, I just got my Papilio Pro and I'm trying to get started. I have a Ubuntu 16.04 Linux 64 bit machine.   After installing DesignLab and running it, I selected Papilio Pro. But in the selection it says "Papilio Pro - ZPUino" I don't have a ZPUino...can I use DesignLab with just a Papilio Pro and a MegaWing? When I try to build and use:
    example://Papilio_QuickStart/Papilio_QuickStart.ino   I get this error: Board: GadgetFactory Papilio Pro LX9 @ 96000000 Hz (0xa4041700)
Board mismatch!!!.
Board is:      0xa4041700 'GadgetFactory Papilio Pro LX9'
Sketch is for: 0xb4041700 'GadgetFactory Papilio Pro LX9 (ZPUino 2.0)'
A pointer as to the problem would be appreciated.   Thanks!   Thanks