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I'm using the PWM generator block successfully, but the PWM signals have a frequency of about 375KHz (way too fast for my application). Is it possible to change the frequency of the generated PWM signals without messing around with the VHDL code? I'm not very familiar with VHDL. I'm generating two PWM signals, one is the complement of the other (while 1 is high the other one is low), that I will be using for controlling a DC motor so a reasonable frequency would be between 500Hz and 20KHz. 





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Hi Jack,

I just figured out how to change the frequency of my pwms. I saw in the vhdl code that  [ freq = CLK / (2^PWM_width)]. Thank you so much for replying so quick though! Have a great day!

P.D. I was using the RCL_PWM_x48.



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