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edit schematic opens pdf

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.xise files are supposed to be opened by Xilinx's ISE toolkit.  They're not PDF files, but for some reason it looks like your Windows system thinks Adobe Reader is supposed to open them anyway.  Maybe ISE is not installed right or something.  I wouldn't know why, I don't use Windows much.

Operating systems trying to figure out what application to use to open a given file sometimes get it wrong.


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Please check that xise files are associated with ISE in your operating system. It looks like they have been associated with pdf files instead.

  • Open an example Sketch in DesignLab
  • Hit CTRL-K in DesignLab to open the sketch directory
  • go to the circuits folder
  • you should see a file ending with the .xise extension
  • right click on it and choose, "Open With"
  • Find Xilinx ISE executable and select "Always Open With"


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