Hey Everyone, I just wanted to make an official thread about a new project I'm working on, the Papilio Nano.  Here is some info from another thread: Going to use the Spartan 6 LX9 TQFP 144 for this since it is the cheapest and most readily available chip on the market. This board has 32 pins available on the Wing headers, 8-12 are reserved for USB, and the remainder go to the high speed Mini PCI Express connector for things like memory, high speed ADC, high speed USB etc. My goal with this board is to get the price way, way down. To the point where it would be a no brainer to throw this in a project and forget about it, like the Arduino. Everything I've done in this design is meant to cut costs: I eliminated the costly FT2232D chip and replaced with a low cost USB transceiver. We go from $3-5 to $.60 Some projects need memory and others are just fine eliminating that expense. For maximum flexibility I will not include external memory but will allow people to add it if they need it using the Mini PCIe connector. SDRAM costs $3-5 and the connector should be around $.15-.60 Until I get a quote from a manufacturer I won't know the final price, but I'm hoping I can sell these for less then $30. And here are some pictures: