Cannot install drivers on windows 8.1

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I have just got my papilio one 250 but cannot do anything with it as the drivers on windows will not install.


I just get an "install failed" message which is not very helpfull. At the moment the board is not showing up at all when connected to the usb port.

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Hello Mjlally,


Under Windows 8.1 there are two options for installing the drivers for the Papilio One boards. You can either use our installer which will install a digitally signed version of the FTDI drivers that will show up as Papilio drivers. Or you can simply let Windows install the drivers for you and then the generic FTDI drivers for the FT2232D chip will be installed. If you are having problems installing the Papilio drivers then just make sure your computer is connected to the Internet and allow Windows to find and install the drivers for you... They are the exact same drivers so there is not any benefit to using the Papilio ones over the generic ones when it comes to the Papilio One.



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