Anybody doing SDR with a Papilio?

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Pretty much as it says really - I'm looking to do some SDR type stuff, and I'd quite like to find some resources to get me started in the right direction..

I got my Papilio pro board about a year ago, and I have been working with it and *cough* another board to do various things - but now I want to make a start on what I really wanted to do before I got distracted by just getting things to work at all.. ;-)



If there is anyone who has already done some work in this area, I'd appreciate some pointers.



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you could have a look what Ettus research has been doing with their "universal radio peripheral" boxes.

Conceptually, the RTL should work just as well on a smaller XC6LX9.


I think there have been some successful experiments at building an FM transmitter by modulating the on-chip PLL.

Building a short wave Morse code transmitter with a watt or so should also be feasible if I put many outputs in parallel.


If you want to do something more sophisticated, you could also have a look at ultrasound, e.g. some Doppler radar. The DSP can be fairly similar.

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