Gottlieb MA-309 sound board

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This is the cost reduced version of the MA-216, lacking the Votrax SC-01a speech synthesizer chip. It is otherwise identical and will work with all ROMs intended for the MA-216 sans speech. Variants of this board were used in pinball machines Super Orbit, Royal Flush Deluxe, Amazon Hunt, Haunted House, Spirit, Krull, Goin'Nuts, Mars, Volcano, Black Hole, Devil's Dare, Rocky, Striker, Q*Bert's Quest, Caveman and video games Mad Planets, Reactor, Qbert, Krull, and Three Stooges.


I posted the initial version of this several months ago, this has been cleaned up, uses the improved 6532 RIOT code I modified to have separate data in and out ports, and it includes a top level file with a PS/2 keyboard interface and decoder. It's currently set up for the Papilio One 500k with Arcade megawing but is easily customizable for other platforms. At this point I've done all of the early Gottlieb sound boards that I'm aware of and will port the rest of the Williams and Bally stuff to the Papilio.

Gottlieb MA-309.zip

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