"VTJ-1" text terminal on Papilio

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Announcing the VTJ-1 terminal: https://github.com/Jaxartes/vtj1


This is a text terminal, similar to the old VT102, which can go on the Papilio.  It could potentially be useful, in some projects, as a way to provide a minimal screen/keyboard interface for a project that doesn't need real graphics.  Or in combination with retro computing projects where the target machine is meant to be used with a terminal.


The code on GitHub is for a standalone device to be built for the Papilio Pro with the Papilio Arcade MegaWing.  It should be fairly simple to adapt it to the Papilio Duo and to other shields/wings.  It's meant to be suitable for combining with other designs, they communicate only over a serial port.  VTJ-1 uses some block RAM (19kB) and <20% of this FPGA's LUTs; one PS/2 port; video and audio out; and leaves the other on- and off- chip resources to the other core.


So far I've gotten it to work with Will Sowerbutts's "socz80" system, where both reside on the same FPGA on the Papilio Pro.  It would also be interesting if somebody got it to work with the J1b Forth computer, or as a DesignLab "chip."


Mostly it's in 6502 assembly code (!) along with Verilog.


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