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I was able to communicate to an external sensor via a custom verilog module derived from the AVR8 peripheral template.


However, I'm unable to get the IRQ working, I believe the issue is in the software side.

I've connected the IRQ to core_irqlines(15), which was by default '0';


Question 1: Which C/header file defines the vector address for core_irqlines(15) ?


Question 2: Is there any example for interrupts? ?

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Phew, it's been almost 2 years since I did any serious work with the AVR8... So I'm sorry but I think I remember getting interrupts to work at one point, but I don't remember many details... I remember that the code that I used was Arduino code on the C side...

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Has there been any update on this question? -  I too am trying to use an external interrupt ZPUino to report status of an 8-bit counter via the USB port.  I have the code working on a Mega Arduino.  I want to port the code over to a Papilio One 250 and utilize the FPGA to handle some external output signals.

Basically I am looking for the equivalent to the following Arduino code:

attachInterrupt(0, capture_bearing, RISING);

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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