Macintosh Plus clone on Pipistrello

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I have been working on porting the Plus Too code from Big Mess o' Wires to Pipistrello. This code base have been dormant for a while but recently the folks at MiST picked it up and added more features like keyboard and sound support etc. This is definitely work in progress but I got it to boot to the desktop with working mouse, keyboard and sound. The image data for the 400 K system disk is stored in flash memory after the bit file and is transferred to RAM at boot time. Video is via DVI.

The project uses the 1 MB Oberon wing that provides 1 MB of static RAM and PS/2 connectors for mouse and keyboard.


Here is a short video of it booting:

And keyboard input:

Big Mess o' Wires:
MiST PlusToo forum:

More to come...


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