FT2232H advice needed - please

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The FT2232H has become a popular device for connecting PCs to FPGAs - as used in most of the Papilio FPGA boards.


My question is -  is it possible to use the MPSSE  to provide a synchronous 8 bit port with control lines  to read a flash ADC  (say Channel A), whilst running Channel B as a 12 bit interface - using the bit banged I/O lines, plus some control lines to write to some 12 bit DACs.  


Is the MPSSE command processor flexible enough to do that?


I am looking for a cheap way to connect an 8 bit flash ADC to a PC,  plus a couple of 12 bit DACs - the FT2232 looks almost perfect - provided that the MPSSE is flexible enough.



Advice appreciated - Thanks in advance




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There are variants of the FT devices that provide two independent ports (e.g. Signalyzer H4 contains one).

Now if I had to solve the problem today, I'd probably pick an mbed LPC1768 and save myself the trouble.

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