SID vibrato, portamento and arpeggios

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I'd like to add some expressivity to my MIDI keyboard plugged into the Retrocade Synth when I play SID sounds :)

Is there already a way to get a vibrato, a portamento or a fast-arppegio effect ?

If not, I think I will try to recreate those effects by writing some functions using a timer, varying the frequency etc...


But before I go this way, I wondered if the SID instrument could not do this natively  ?

I don't know much about SID specifications but in the software GoatTracker (SID tracker), the instruments implements already those effects. Also, each intrument refer to a "wavetable" that allows (among other things) to make those typical fast-arpeggios :)


Is that different in the Retrocade Synth ? 

What would you recommend me to do ?

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I'm pretty sure those things are done in software in GoatTracker, they are not native to the SID chip. I remember at one point I found some source code for an open source SID implementation that had the code for those effects and I thought it would be easy to add them to the Retrocade code...



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TinySID source code maybe?


I looked at a lot of SID source code so I don't remember exactly...

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