200 MSPs 8 Bit Flash ADC

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Hi All,


I am about to commence a design for a high speed flash converter - similar to this one


These are based on the TI ADC08200  - a 200 MSPs converter.


I am proposing to put it onto a 16 bit wing sized board with some other analogue circuitry


This would open up the ability for a 100MHz bandwidth Papilio scope project using ZPUino  - outputting 800x600 VGA.



Has anyone in the forum used this part, or have any FPGA scope experience?   Is this something that has already been covered?









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Hello Ken,


There is the OpenADC board too that has been made to work with the Papilio:


At one point I was very interested in making a FPGA OScope project and I think I studied the Flashy board to get some ideas. Unfortunately I never went beyond the research phase. Oh, Ian Lesnet at Dangerous Prototypes did a very nice writeup of an FPGA Analog board that has some good info...


Also, The OLS software actually has an Analog mode that you can use for the initial software to use for testing...



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Hi Jack


Thanks for the openADC link - much appreciated.


I have met Ian Lesnet a couple of times both London and at the OHS in NYC in 2011.


A successful day - I wrote my first baremetal  VHDL to control the LEDs and read the switches on the Papilio DUO/Logistart shield.


I found VHDL has a steep learning curve, and the Xilinx ISE took 6 hours to load -- but I thought if I started at the bottom, I'll get up there one day  :)



Thanks again for a great, versatile little dev-board.






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