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Here is one of the nice things about the DUO being of the same form factor as the arduino.I found these little screw shields for arduino that fit perfectly on the DUO. Note: they do not fit the papilio one though, I tried that but just a little off. They have a reset button and nice little labels next to the screw connectors, of course with the arduino pin label.


They are very handy. Some of the things I am working on with the DUO relate to motor control and the last thing you want to happen is a connection drop because a wire came loose while a machine is running and it screeches to a halt. In fact sometimes you can mess up a controller like that. These connectors are similar to what I get on many motor drives, VFD's, and all.


Sure I could solder up some perfboard or use a breadboard(Jack I am eyeing those breadboard wings to add on to my next purchase) but for a semi permanent project that has a good solid connection but can be disconnected this is the ticket. For what these cost I could not even buy the connectors.


You can find them around on the web for anywhere from $4-$20 shipped depending on your source.


Hope someone find it useful.



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