Jack Gassett

Anyone bored and want to port the Servo library to the ZPUino?

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There have been a lot of interest in using the Papilio for robotics lately. One of the really useful libraries that would be nice to get working on the ZPUino is the Arduino Servo library. I took a quick look at it and it looks pretty straight forward to get up and running. The library can be found in DesignLab's libraries/Servo directory. It looks like a new zpu20 folder would need to be created and the Servo.cpp and ServoTimers.h files would need to be updated to use ZPUino timers instead of AVR timers. There is even a nice ZPUino timers example that should show how it's done, located at examples/Timer_Example. 


If anyone has some time to look into this it would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks. :)


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I actually had a version of that one my list for later. I wanted to the get the stepper library and the 3d printer firmware running first before I tackled the servo portion.


I haven't looked at the arduino servo library in some time though so can't remember what exactly it covers, I seem to remember it was more geared toward RC servos than what I consider servos(with true real quad encoder vs pot). I was looking to do one more targeted toward 3d printers and CNC machines, so position-oriented.


Not sure if that is what you had in mind or just a port of the arduino functionality directly over to designlab library.


Just my thoughts.



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