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What are the specs for the new RGB Panel to which the RGB Panel Wing connects? I mean for the pins that control the panel not the power supply. I would guess I can match the values used by an Arduino Uno, but is there a range for voltage and current?

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Sorry, there hasn't been any documentation made for this Wing yet, I'm too busy trying to keep the Papilio DUO manufacturing on track... 


The eagle design files are here:


The technical information for the panel can be found here:


It looks like the panel supports 3.3-5V so you should probably use 3.3V for the supply voltage.


I hope to work on a DesignLab example for this Wing soon, Alvie already has all the code ready to go, it just needs to be made DesignLab compatible.



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Thanks for your response.


I was hoping to work out as much of this as I can on my own. Your Wing will save a lot of time. I've already hooked up a 32X32 panel pin by pin twice, once to an Altera DEO-Nano and once to an Arduino. I couldn't get the DEO-Nano to work with the panel. That's why I bought a Papilio One. It looked as though the learning materials along with the board itself were more approachable. That has turned out to be true.


At any rate, I did get the Arduino to work with the panel so I plan to use the Arduino code as a reference and see how far I can get and then come back to the code  Alvie has done and you will have adapted. I also came across this tutorial:



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