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Hey Jack, you might have to buy Colin a beer or two next time you see him. In the latest issue #289 of Circuit Cellar magazine he has another article that starts with a very large picture of a Papilio Pro and LogicStart Megawing. It almost looks like a full page ad for Papilio.




Build a SoC Over Lunch
Implementing a soft-core processor inside an FPGA is not a new concept. Recent releases have made developing and customizing these processors easier than ever, to the point of enabling code compilation from an Arduino IDE. This article explains how you can use an FPGA to develop a simple custom PWM peripheral for the processor.
By Colin O’Flynn (Canada)




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Ohhh! Excellent! I knew it was coming out in the August edition but I didn't realize it would be available yet. :)


You are right, I owe Colin a huge thank you!



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Yeah the subscription is only $50/year for the electronic edition (pdf download). I've been reading CC since I was a young whipper snapper, I have a full pdf collection back to issue 1.

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