Papilio One, Spartan 3E and Xlinix IDE

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Vivado does not support Spartan3 nor Spartan6, Xilinx ISE does.  Most use the free ISE Webpack.


From the Vivado documentation:

"Vivado Design Suite WebPACK Edition supports the Artix™-7 (7A35T - 7A200T), Kintex™-7 (7K70T, 7K160T) and Zynq™-7000 All Programmable SoC Devices (XC7Z7010 - XC7Z7030) devices. ​"



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Thanks for pointing me to the right download.


Thank you for giving me that link to the installation guide. I had gone through that path. I tried it again, though, to be sure I hadn't missed anything. It took me a couple of tries before I got the ISE activated. The first two times when I got to the licensing part, the software produced an invalid link to Xilinx's Licensing site. During the third try when I reached "Select Installation Options" I unchecked "Acquire or Manage License Keys". That resulted in activation. I ran the first project from "Introducing the Spartan 3E FPGA and VHDL" and there were no complaints about the lack of a license. It ran to completion.

I did find what may be a an outdated link in the installation guide. When I tried the first link, Xilinx’s Download page" it sent me to a signin page and then to a page which wasn't found. I used which is the page with the "ISE Design Tools" tab on it to get to the download page.


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