Hugo Sereno Ferreira

Porting Logic Analyser from One to Pro

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Hello Doug,


I've been working yesterday and today on the Logic Analyzer "Blaze" core in DesignLab. I should have things sorted out and ready for the next 1.0.7 release of Designlab which will hopefully be done Monday or Tuesday.


What I've done so far:

  • Added new DesignLab schematic symbols for a 16 channel and 32 channel LA.
  • Fix the memory bug so now we can use all of the BRAM space for memory. The Papilio Pro has 64K of memory available now.
  • Provided a base, standalone project so the source code is easily accessed in DesignLab.
  • I'm working on adding functionality to easily get your Papilio board setup as a Logic Analyzer with just a couple clicks.

Stay tuned for more info.




Fantastic!  And really looking forward to seeing how it works in DesignLab. That alone will save others lots of T/E dealing with the ISE besides getting everyone into the DesignLab package as their goto dev system. Thanks for the update.



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I found the updates in the DesignLab 1.0.7 release and it looks good.  Especially useful should be the ~3x capture size now( 64kB ). the joystick controller I'm sniffing has a long slow initialization before real 38.4k baud data starts streaming and capturing it all and analyzing the protocol was troublesome with 24kB of buffer.




One thing, are your changes to the OLS to add Papilio devices easily patched into the  0.9.8-snapshot releases? Or maybe you've already done that and I've not updated yet to see them. Or are we stuck on the 0.9.7 release for the added buffer goodness? 

UPDATE: found the answer to getting the 64kB goodness to the latest snapshot. It's just copying the plugins/ols.profile-papilio*.cfg files from the 0.9.7 code in DesignLab to the ols-0.9.8-SNAPSHOT/plugins directory. 



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Share on other sites is the latest stable version, 0.9.8 is the next release so nightly builds are listed as 0.9.8-SNAPSHOT.  Probably better for you to track the stable releases but maybe merge into 0.9.8 your papilio profile cfg files so they are part of the nightly and eventual releases.

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